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Claudio Heinrich

Claudio Heinrich-Mertsching

Claudio, Heinrich-Mertsching
Title:Seniorforsker / Senior Research Scientist
Phone:+47 22 85 25 61
Email:claudio [at] nr [dot] no
Scientific areas:Statistical postprocessing, Forecast evaluation, High frequency statistics, Ambit fields
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Key qualifications

  • Forecast evalation
  • Statistical post-processing
  • High frequency statistics
  • Simulation of random fields
  • Ambit fields


2017                PhD in Mathematics: Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University, Denmark

2014                Master of Science in Mathematics: Department of Mathematics, Heidelberg University, Germany

2012                Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Department of Mathematics, Heidelberg University, Germany

Work experience

2018-               Research scientist: Norwegian Computing Center, Norway

2017-2018       Postdoctoral fellow: Norwegian Computing Centre, Norway

2017                Assistant research scientist: Aarhus University, Denmark

2014-2017       PhD student: Aarhus University, Denmark

I am a Statistician focusing on forecast validation and statistical post-processing, often for applications in metereology and climate sciences. My main research interests during my PhD were high frequency limit theory of stochastic processes, ambit fields, simulation of random fields, and high dimensional random matrix theory.


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