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- Forward Modelling

- Forward Modelling

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Create a seismic response from background model. Not able to estimate anything.

This shows what seismic respons CRAVA expects from a given set of elastic parameters.

No seismic or wells needs to be given as input, but crava needs the angles to generate seismic data for, the corresponding wavelets, the elastic parameters (given as earth model), and the volume. The volume can also be taken from Vp.

Forward modelling is activate by setting <mode> to forward, e.g.

    <mode> forward </mode>

Wavelets are given under <survey>:

      <offset-angle>  0 </offset-angle>
        <file-name> wavelet.txt      </file-name>

Vp, Vs and density is given in <prior-model>

      <vp-file>      earthmodel/Vp.storm  </vp-file>
      <vs-file>      earthmodel/Vs.storm  </vs-file>
      <density-file> earthmodel/Rho.storm </density-file>

Example of forward modelling model file can be downloaded here.

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