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SeSam4 – Semi-Semantic Models for Cross-Sector Portals

SeSam4 – Semi-Semantic Models for Cross-Sector Portals

The SeSam4 project aims at establishing the framework and models for more efficient development processes of semantic based products and services, e.g. cross-domain portals.

NR’s contribution

NR´s role in the consortium is to lead the research into the field of Semantic Web Web Services and SOA. Another area, which will be investigated for this, is the area of Semantic Grid Computing, closely related to SOA and SWWS. NR will also be participating in concretizing the research methodology for the project.

Benefit for customers

SeSam4 deliverables will enable the participating partners and others to be able to establish new knowledge systems and portals in a more cost-efficient way and thus expand the market for semantic based web solutions.

Benefit for society

The use of semantic enabled cooperating services will ease users access to needed and wanted services.

Project results

The project has produced a Technical description of the anticipated solution.

Research areas

Project period

January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2010


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