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Travel time estimation using Bluetooth devices

Travel time estimation using Bluetooth devices

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) produces real-time travel time data for selected routes in Norway. The data are obtained from detection of vehicles through a highway toll system. This system provides excellent data, but it is expensive. Therefore NPRA considers alternative solutions.

NR has, in cooperation with NPRA, studied the use of Bluetooth technology to calculate travel time. This technology is based on Bluetooth antennas mounted at points along the road detecting Bluetooth devices in the vehicles passing by. Bluetooth devices are widely used in automobiles, both as fixed and portable equipment.

By finding the passage times for Bluetooth devices at two fixed measuring points along the way, we can estimate the travel time of individual vehicles between the two measuring points. One is primarily interested in determining the travel time of the main part of the traffic. The challenge is to create a robust travel time estimate that is not affected by vehicles that pause or run detours.




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