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Virtual tolling

Virtual tolling

CrossroadRoad tolling is typically based on physical tolling stations. In the future, road tolling will probably rely on GPS positioning or more generally so-called GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems).

The potential benefits are both reduced costs and a fairer system. Suppose you have to pass a tolling station multiple times a day. Would it not be fairer to instead be charged for the distance you drive within the tolling zone?

GNSS usually provides trustworthy positioning. However, in some cases, like when you are surrounded by big trucks, the positioning error can be quite large. Basic research is therefore needed to find efficient algorithms that ensure reliable tolling in all real traffic situations.

NR is developing algorithms that ensure correct payment of different varieties of toll and payment regimes. The project is financially supported by the Research Council of Norway, and is a collaboration between Q-FREE ASA and research partners from NR, UMB, NTNU and SINTEF ICT.

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The Research Council of Norway, Q-FREE

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