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The VisitorEngagement Installation Profile (VEI Profile)

The VisitorEngagement Installation Profile (VEI Profile)

The VEI profile is a tool to characterise an installation or a collection at a science centre. The VEI profile classifies installations in their dimensions of competition (C), narrative (N), interaction (I), physical (P), visitor (user) control (U), and social (S). Each of these dimensions can have a value from 0 to 5; the higher the value, the more a dimension is present in an installation.

The VEI profile can be used to characterise the profile of science centres or exhibitions. As an example, we show the VEI profiles of selected installations from the three participating science centres:

How is the VEI profile defined?

The dimensions of the VEI profile are described as follows:

  1. Competition: the degree of competition in an installation.
  2. Narrative: the degree of active participation in the underlying narrative.
  3. Interaction: the degree of interaction between the visitor and the installation.
  4. Physical: the degree of physical activity the visitor must perform when using the installation.
  5. Visitor control: the degree a visitor can control the use of the installation.
  6. Social: the degree of social interaction between visitors.

To determine the values, the following table is used:


Leister, Wolfgang; Tjøstheim, Ingvar; Joryd, Göran: How to Visualise the Qualities of Installations? In NORSIGD Info 1/2015, p. 9-10

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