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Oversikt over NRs prosjekter

Oversikt over NRs prosjekter

For å se på et mindre utvalg av prosjekter innenfor en avdeling eller forskningsområde, kryss av på de aktuelle boksene. Hvis flere bokser avmerkes, vil søket gi prosjekter som tilfredsstiller minst en av de avkryssede boksene i hver av søylene med avkryssede bokser.


Forest health

In forest pathology studies, the traditional emphasis has been the many pathologies that affect different tree species. In the 1980's, this paradigm changed as a result of acid rain and its effects on forests on a global scale.

For the first time we witnessed that pollution from human activities had not only a local effect, but actually produced effects on national and international scales.

FutureID – Shaping the future of electronic identity

The FutureID project builds a comprehensive, flexible, privacy-aware and ubiquitously usable identity management infrastructure for Europe, which integrates existing eID technology and trust infrastructures, emerging federated identity management services and modern credential technologies to provide a user-centric system for the trustworthy and accountable management of identity claims. The FutureID infrastructure will provide great benefits to all stakeholders involved in the eID value chain.

GEMOM – Genetic Message Oriented Secure Middleware

The main focus and goal of the GEMOM project were the significant and measurable increase in end-to-end intelligence, security and resilience of complex, distributed information systems that are evolutionary, self-organising, self healing, scalable and secure.

Geological Facies Models

NR has worked on methods for making realistic geological facies models for almost two decades. The goal is to reproduce the true geological heterogeneity and to describe the inherent uncertainty. Correct heterogeneity gives realistic flow patterns and the possibility to obtain unbiased forecasts from reservoir simulators.


Geostatistical Event-based Objectmodel Predicted from Analogue Reservoir Deposits


Automatic oil spill monitoring and risk alert from satellite data


Global mapping of snow cover for climate change monitoring

Gode skrifttyper på skjerm

I prosjektet «Gode skrifttyper på skjerm» var målet å oppsummere kunnskapsstatus på området og se på metoder for å undersøke hvilke skrifttyper som fungerer bra på skjerm for personer med redusert syn.


Urban green structure mapping by satellite images

The management of urban green structure has received much attention lately in the research community. The project was initiated to meet the need of municipalities in Norway to develop a green structure plan. Traditional mapping has its limitations, since the land use is in focus and not the actual land cover. Therefore, other sources of information about urban and suburban green structure are being sought.

Hands on 3D utstillinger

The Museum of Cultural History and the Norwegian Computing Center (NR) have developed a prototype for 3D-display of archaeological artifacts. At the Vikingship Museum in Oslo, visitors can interact with an object on a screen by using hand movements to move and match it, and zoom in on details. The object on the screen is a horse-saddle found in the Oseberg burial.


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