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Journal Articles
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Book Chapters
  1. T L Thorarinsdottir and N Schuhen
    Chapter 6 - Verification: assessment of calibration and accuracy
    In S Vannitsem, D S Wilks and J W Messner (Eds.), Statistical Postprocessing of Ensemble Forecasts, pp. 155-186. Elsevier, 2018. [tech | http]
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    Modelling resting state networks in the human brain
    In R Lechnerová, I Saxl, and V Beneš, editors, Proceedings S4G: International Conference on Stereology, Spatial Statistics and Stochastic Geometry, pp. 137-147, 2006 [bib | pdf]

Working Papers
  1. T Erhardt, C Czado and T L Thorarinsdottir
    Evaluation of time series models under non-stationarity with application to the comparison of regional climate models
    arXiv:1702.00728, 2017 [arxiv]
  2. A Möller, T L Thorarinsdottir, A Lenkoski and T Gneiting
    Spatially adaptive, Bayesian estimation for probabilistic temperature forecasts
    arXiv:1507.05066, 2015 [bib | arxiv]
  3. T Gneiting and T L Thorarinsdottir
    Predicting inflation: professional experts versus no-change forecasts
    arXiv:1010.2318, 2010 [bib | arxiv]
  1. A Lenkoski and T L Thorarinsdottir
    Comments on: Of quantiles and expectiles: consistent scoring functions, Choquet representations and forecast rankings by W Ehm, T Gneiting, A Jordan and F Krüger
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 78(3): 548, 2016 [http]
  2. T L Thorarinsdottir and A Løland
    Comments on: Space-time wind speed forecasting for improved power system dispatch by X Zhu, M G Genton, Y Gu and L Xie
    TEST, 23(1): 32-33, 2014 [bib | http]
Project and Meeting Reports
  1. P Guttorp and T L Thorarinsdottir
    Local climate projections: A little money goes a long way
    Eos, 100, doi:10.1029/2019EO133113, 2019 [http]
  2. T L Thorarinsdottir and K de Bruin
    Challenges of climate change adaptation
    Eos, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO062121, 2016 [http]
    [The full workshop report is available here]
  3. T L Thorarinsdottir, J Sillmann and R Benestad
    Studying statistical methodology in climate research
    EOS Transactions, 95(15): 129, 2014 [bib | http]

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