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Publication profile

Fredrik Lohne Aanes

Fredrik Lohne, Aanes
Name: Fredrik Lohne Aanes
Title: Forsker / Research Scientist
Phone: (+47) +47 22 85 25 90 Mob: +47 451 53 101
Email: fredrik [at] nr [dot] no
Scientific areas: Statistical analysis, Machine learning, Energy markets
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Academic article
Wahl, Jens Christian; Aanes, Fredrik L; Aas, Kjersti; Froyn, Sindre; Piacek, Daniel. Spatial modelling of risk premiums for water damage insurance. Scandinavian Actuarial Journal (ISSN 0346-1238). doi: 10.1080/03461238.2021.1951346. 2021.
Breivik, Olav Nikolai; Aanes, Fredrik L; Søvik, Guldborg; Aglen, Asgeir; Mehl, Sigbjørn; Johnsen, Espen. Predicting abundance indices in areas without coverage with a latent spatio-temporal Gaussian model. ICES Journal of Marine Science (ISSN 1054-3139). 78(6) pp 2031-2042. doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsab073. 2021.
Aldrin, Magne Tommy; Aanes, Fredrik L; Tvete, Ingunn Fride; Aanes, Sondre; Subbey, Samuel. Caveats with estimating natural mortality rates in stock assessment models using age aggregated catch data and abundance indices. Fisheries Research (ISSN 0165-7836). 243 pp 1-8. doi: 10.1016/j.fishres.2021.106071. 2021. Arkiv
Lenkoski, Alex; Aanes, Fredrik Lohne. Sovereign risk indices and bayesian theory averaging. Econometrics (ISSN 2225-1146). 8(2) doi: 10.3390/econometrics8020022. 2020.
Wahl, Jens Christian; Aanes, Fredrik L; Aas, Kjersti. Spatial modelling of risk premiums for water damage insurance. Norsk Regnesentral. NR-notat SAMBA/33/20. pp 33. 2020.
Aanes, Fredrik L; Aanes, Sondre; Breivik, Olav Nikolai. Exploratory data analysis of the Winter Survey in the Barents Sea 1994-2018. Norsk Regnesentral. NR-notat SAMBA/14/19. pp 92. 2019.
Huseby, Ragnar Bang; Løland, Anders; Redelmeier, Annabelle Alice; Aanes, Fredrik L; Øigård, Tor Arne. BalPrice -- Forecast of balancing prices. Norsk Regnesentral. NR-notat SAMBA/15/19. pp 19. 2019.
Aanes, Fredrik L. HyperCube. Norsk Regnesentral. NR-notat SAMBA/09/18. pp 24. 2018.
Løland, Anders; Aanes, Fredrik L. Jo, unge mener det er viktig å bo i et demokrati. 2018. Faktisk.no [Internet] 8/23/2018. Fulltekst
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Postal address: Norsk Regnesentral/Norwegian Computing Center, P.O. Box 114 Blindern, NO-0314 Oslo, Norway
Visit address: Norsk Regnesentral, Gaustadalleen 23a, Kristen Nygaards hus, NO-0373 Oslo.
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